Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Target Descriptive Words and Action Words in Speech Therapy this Halloween

Halloween is a great time of year to work on descriptive words and action words because there are MANY books and activities that involve old ladies eating things, children wearing costumes, pumpkins sitting on fences, bats playing in musical bands, etc.

In our early childhood center, the kids get excited about Halloween beginning October 1st when they start counting down the days.

One of the activities they enjoy is one I made last year with some sweet clip art from My Cute Graphics.

This Halloween Spot It, Dot It activity was a big hit with my kids in PreK all the way through 3rd grade.

Each child is uniquely motivated by different things. With that in mind, I created this activity with several different options. Some of my students love to color. As long as they do not color with too much force (as you know PreK and Kinder babies have a tendency to do), they are able to color each circle as they answer questions about the target word or formulate sentences using the target word. This option works well for students who will be taking home their work or taking their worksheet back to class to review with a parent or teacher. 

Some kiddos love bingo daubers! (I know that I do...except that one time on school picture day)

Another option included in this download is a full color version that works best when printed on card stock paper and laminated for durability. With the laminated version you have MORE OPTIONS! This is the best option if you have students working on different goals. Use a dry erase marker to write the targeted objective (Ex: Past tense) at the bottom of the page to help with your own mental organization or with an older student's personal responsibility for their goal.

We prefer to use the magnetic discs from Super Duper on this version. It's just too cool!

In this download you will get:

Instructions and therapy strategies to target verb usage and agreement, sentence structure/syntax, vocabulary, categorization, fluency, articulation.
*SIXTEEN* different boards targeting 48 adjectives and 58 verbs. 
(4 black and white, 4 color of Adjectives; 4 black and white, 4 color of Verbs)

This is a PRINT and GO activity made for speech therapy but applicable to any small group classroom setting! All you need is a bingo dauber, magnetic chips, or JUST A MARKER/Crayon to cover up the words as the kids make sentences out of them.