Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Twas the last week of Speech: Day Three

It's the last week of speech before Christmas break and today was the day to just have a ball (ornament pun)... So we got out the iPad once again and got busy talking about Santa's Hair with this 
language companion from Heather Strebel. You can visit her blog HERE. We used the Toca Boca version of the Santa Hair Salon but there are several others listed below (affiliate links):

Video Demo of Toca Boca App and printed materials:

Another FREE activity I used today for sentence construction and verb forms was Verb Tenses With Santa from Super Power Speech. The nice thing about this activity was that you could target any tense of the verb with a visual provided. They LOVED the pictures of Santa doing various things. 
There is a second similar version at Speech Room News that I printed and used alongside this one. I also printed two copies of the photo cards and played a memory match game. The kids needed the gentle cue "Santa is..." to get their sentences started for a little while, but they got the hang of it by the time the session was finished. 
They both used the same clip art which is adorable! The kids' favorite pictures were Santa eating a cookie AND driving his sleigh as well as the one of Santa pushing Rudolph!

ONLY TWO DAYS until Christmas Break! What are you doing in your speech room this week?